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Landfill Reduced


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omg! Thrift gives a second home to more than 20 million pounds of gently-worn, second-hand clothing, shoes and household items that could have otherwise ended up in your local landfill.


The sale of gently-worn clothing, shoes and household items allows us to employ more than 250 team members in our retail stores. Our bulk purchases to our non-profit and for-profit suppliers allows them to employ hundreds of people in their clothing collection programs nationwide.


We are a great neighbor in the communities we serve. We support several local causes in the communities our stores are located in. Each and every year we give a percentage of our sales to local cancer charities during breast cancer awareness month. We love to support great causes at OMG Thrift.

Reduce waste

Most clothes in America end up in a landfill within a year of their use. Americans throw away around 30 to 80 lbs of textile a year. Instead of buying new clothes you can find beautiful gems in your favorite thrift store.

You can thrift more than just clothing

 You can thrift accessories, from watches and jewelry to hats and purses and even houseware, electricals and small furniture.

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Be creative by doing DIY projects, create or restore old furniture and clothes, keeping your mind busy and active. You will be surprised what a beautiful things you can create.

Water shortage

 Over 400 gallons of water for a simple t-shirt. While fast fashion brands have gotten consumers used to unreal prices for garments, someone else is paying the cost, the environment.

Avoid consumerism

Buy less and if you have to buy try to prefer a second hand items and clothing. If consumers have the option to pick an item from a thrift store, they not only save a lot of money but also make an ethical choice. Don´t let big brands to force you to buy new things that you don´t even need.


Reuse and recycle clothing and other items like accessories and furniture. You can donate unused clothing and items to your local thrift store or charity. Give your items a second home and make someone happy.

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